Most of you have heard that Cedar Rapids has been named a Blue Zones community, and we all know that cycling is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. On Monday, Sept 9, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your support of bicycling’s role in a healthy community by participating in a group that will go to the Blue Zones Kickoff event by bicycle. Nikki Northrop Davidson, from the Bicycle Advisory Committee and Bike2WorkConsultants will be leading the ride.  Destination: Prairie High School, College Community Concert Hall, 76th Ave SW.

To participate, meet at Green Square Park in downtown Cedar Rapids at 5 pm on Monday, Sept 9th. You must wear a helmet and you should have lights on your bike (it is likely to be dark by the time the event is over). This will be about a 9 mile ride each way, most on the trail but some on streets. I anticipate arriving shortly before 6 pm at the event.  No registration is required for the ride.

You should also register (RSVP) if you haven’t already for the Blue Zones event at:
Looking forward to leading a group of cyclists who demonstrate they are living healthy by cycling to this event!

nikki d.