LCTA Capital Campaign

Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) is thankful for the regular member contributions that cover our volunteer operated organization.

The 2020-2022 Capital Campaign is nearing the end and old and new businesses are asked to to help us reach the $300,000 goal by December 2022.

The three Capital Campaign projects, each worth $100,000, are described below.

  • LCTA’s Capital Campaign 2020-2022
-$100,000 Design of segment 2 of the 4th Street trail, between 1st Ave SE and 9th Ave SE Cedar Rapids, IA (Anticipated 2022)
-$100,000 Design of a side path and pedestrian bridge on Lucore Road, Marion, IA (Anticipated 2022)
-$100,000 Grant Wood Trail hard surfacing from Waldo’s Rock to Oxley Road and construction of the trail from Oxley Road to Paralta Road, Marion, IA (Anticipated 2022)
  • LCTA’s Past Financial Support for Trails:
-$1,800 Indian Creek Trailhead Kiosk at Thomas Park (2022)
-$2,850 Linn County Trails Map Update (2021)
-$750 Linn County for CVT Paving (2020)
-$25,000 LAMBA for Single Track (2020)
-$35,000 Connect CR (2020)
-$5,000 Corridor MPO – Bicycle Helmets (2019)
-$25,000 Friends of Linn County Conservation Board – Morgan Creek (2019)
-$15,000 Connect CR (2019)
-$900 City of Cedar Rapids Bike Light Program sponsored by Witwer Trust (2018)
-$100,000 Linn County Hwy 100 Trail Phase A (2018)
-$75,000 City of Cedar Rapids Lindale Trail Extension (2018)
-$175,000 to support the Lindale Trail Extension and the Phase A of the Highway 100 Trail (2017-2018)
-$102,033 to pave the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from Schultz Road through Center Point in Linn County (2015–2017)
-$50,000 to the City of Marion, to connect the Grant Wood Trail between 35th Street and the Hwy. 13 underpass by 2018 and to ensure this portion of trail gets paved (2017)
-$10,000 to the City of Hiawatha, to install flashing safety lights on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail at the Boyson Road and Tower Terrace Road crossings (2017)
-$55,000 to acquire land, construct and pave the Lindale Trail in Cedar Rapids (2010–2013)
-$96,250 to pave the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from County Home Road to Lafayette in Linn County (2010)
-$250,000 to acquire land and install bridges for the Grant Wood Trail in eastern Linn County. LCTA volunteers also provided labor. The trail was donated to Linn County. (1997–2005)
-$35,000 to construct the southern section of the Cedar River Trail in Cedar Rapids and Linn County (2004)
-$15,000 for the Cedar River Trail through Hiawatha (2004)
-$100,000 for Cedar Lake loop trail project (1997)
-$70,000 to construct the initial segment of the Cedar River Trail in Cedar Rapids

Help us close out the remaining $35,000 this Fall 2022 and donate today!

The three projects we are fundraising for by end of 2022 are described below.

Grant Wood Trail

From securing the right-of-way for the Grant Wood Trail when the railroad was abandoned, to making more than $300,000 in continued investments in the corridor, LCTA has a long history of supporting the Grant Wood Trail. By investing $100,000 in the next phase of trail development, LCTA’s support will help to fill the trail’s first “missing link.”

Money raised will support Linn County’s efforts to build an off-street trail connecting between Oxley Road and Creekside Road and to extend the trail’s hard surface from Waldo’s Rock Park to Paralta Road.

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

The 4th Street Trail will extend the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from where it stops at 7th Avenue in downtown Cedar Rapids to the future Alliant Energy LightLine™ bridge over the Cedar River. The next phase of the project in the planning stage starts at 9th Avenue SE near the railroad tracks and continues south.

By investing $100,000 in this project, LCTA’s support could accelerate this project by a manner of several years. The trail will connect a key missing link in the downtown trails system, and provide improved navigation for the American Discover Trail and Great American Rail-Trail through downtown Cedar Rapids.

Lucore Road Bridge

Marion’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee has identified the Lucore Road Bridge over Indian Creek project as a key safety upgrade for trail users in the growing community’s northeast. In its current state, Lucore Road trail users must leave the trail and enter a busy roadway to cross over Indian Creek. When Lucore Road was first built, funds were never set aside for a pedestrian trail bridge. As Marion continues to grow, this trail’s increased use has made this project an urgent need.

By investing $100,000 in this project, LCTA’s support can help improve safety for trail users in this area and improve connections to the existing and future trail network in Marion.

LCTA has leveraged your gifts to accelerate trails projects, provide important match funds to secure grants, and work with local jurisdictions to prioritize the development of a system of connected trails in Linn County.

Please consider a gift to our Capital Campaign in any amount. Your generosity can help us continue to blaze new trails for years to come!