LCTA members, please contact our local State Senators and the Speaker of the House and ask them restore funding to the Joint Senate-House Infrastructure Appropriations Subcommittee for the Eastern Iowa Trail system (Cedar Valley Nature Trail).”

Your message (email or phone) could say:

“Dear Senator/Speaker – As you are aware, the Black Hawk, Johnson and Linn County Conservation Boards had made a request to the Joint Senate-House Infrastructure Appropriations Subcommittee for the Eastern Iowa Trail system (Cedar Valley Nature Trail). The subcommittee included $3 million in their budget allocation for the trail system. I understand that the Senate passed the bill with this funding included. However, we recently learned that the House stripped and removed this trail funding from the bill that passed the House.

This funding is critical to allow us to make key trail connections in the corridor. Please urge your Senate colleagues on the conference committee to support reinstatement of this funding for the Eastern Iowa Trail system. Thank you for your support and any help you are able to provide.”

Contact information for the Linn County Senators is below:

Senator Liz Mathis –
Senator Wally Horn –
Senator Rob Hogg –
Senate Switchboard (515)281-3371

Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen –
Speaker Paulsen’s Office:(515)-281-3521
House Switchboard:(515)281-3221

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Following the Marion Master Trails Plan input meeting, a website and survey have been created to collect additional feedback.

The City of Marion also has a new online mapping tool for trail comments and input.  This tool can be used to suggest new trails, safety improvements, or even general comments about the trails.  The mapping tool can be found at this URL:

If you’d like to fill out the survey, the PDF is attached in following link.  Please complete it, and either return it to City Hall, or e-mail it to Kesha Billings at

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The Marion Master Trails Plan Open House will be held this Tuesday, February 25th.  This would be a great time to provide feedback on the future of trails for Marion. Here’s a link to the event:

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New IDOT Statewide Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan

Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) is holding meetings to request public input on the development of a new statewide plan for bicycle and pedestrian transportation.  Iowa is behind many neighboring states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri that have state sponsored trails that extend beyond the urban counties.  The only reason that the Cedar Valley Nature Trail exists today is that Linn and Blackhawk Counties stepped up and assumed responsibility for the trail in the rural counties of Benton and Buchanan Counties.  It is important that LCTA trail supporters have a strong presence at this meeting.  Please plan on attending!

Next Monday – November 4th 5-7:00 PM, IDOT Office 5455 Kirkwood Blvd SW – Conference Room A

Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan

Project description

Walking and biking are proven ways to improve the quality of life for all of us, providing healthy alternatives for people to get where they need to go. Many Iowans have embraced bicycling and walking for both recreation and daily transportation. Iowa’s extensive trails system continues to evolve and recreational events such as Iowa’s RAGBRAI event each July continues to grow in popularity.

Moving forward, the Iowa DOT has made a commitment to our customers to develop a Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan to expand opportunities and further improve conditions for bicycling and walking across the state.

This plan will build upon the Iowa DOT’s long-range strategy for multimodal transportation over the next three decades, Iowa in Motion – Planning Ahead 2040. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan has three key objectives:

  • Align with national best practices, including the federal transportation funding bill called Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) and national guidelines for trail development.
  • Develop a list of priorities to expand the trails system between and within cities.
  • Help state and local agencies to put the plan in place by providing tools for funding and design.

Upon its completion, this plan will serve as the primary guide for statewide decision-making regarding bicycle and pedestrian programs and facilities, including sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, paved shoulders, and other trail elements. It will also help achieve a better level of statewide coordination and continuity for all levels of bicycle and pedestrian mobility through regional, county, and city plans and programs.

It is a primary goal of this project to get customer input during the development of the plan through public meetings, social media, and email. The initial round of public meetings will be held in November 2013. Visit the “Public Involvement” page to find out how you can get involved.

Public meetings and locations

It is a primary goal of this project to engage citizens during the development of the plan. The following public meetings have been scheduled.

Monday, Nov. 4, 2013
5 to 7 p.m.
IDOT District 6 Office – conference room A
5455 Kirkwood Blvd. SW.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Lindale Trail is now open

The Cedar Rapids segment of the Lindale Trail is now paved.  The Trail is open!  This trail is unique in the Metro area in that it includes 3 ft gravel paths on either side of the 10 ft asphalt pavement.  We hope this accommodates both runners and bikers.  Bike traffic significantly increases when a trail is paved but runners strongly prefer a gravel path.  We would like to know if this should be a design standard for future trail construction when sufficient width allows.

Lindale Trail

Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) initiated the Lindale Trail project 3 years ago when Tom Treharne, Marion Planning & Development Director, suggested that we adopt the project to continue the trail in Marion that extended to the Marion City Limit on an abandoned railroad right-of-way.  LCTA has contributed over $55,000 to the development, including a $15,000 contribution from Rockwell Collins.  The City of Cedar Rapids has contributed the crushed limestone, the crews and equipment to grade and pave the trail and $16,000 towards the cost of asphalt.  THIS WAS A TEAM EFFORT AND WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF ALL PARTIES HAD NOT CONTRIBUTED!

Projects like this are funded by the LCTA supporters that make annual contributions to LCTA for trail development in the Linn County Area.  Please add your support.  TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE TRAILS HAPPEN!

Lindale Trail is located north of Blairs Ferry Rd extending east from C Ave NE (in front of Walgreens).

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Lindale Trail Paving

The Cedar Rapids portion of the Lindale Trail is in the process of being paved! Work should be finished by Tuesday (10/15), so please use caution if you plan to use this trail before then.  Please check the trails status page for the latest updates on all Linn County Trails.

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Bike Lanes – Rules of the Road

Several LCTA members have asked for a copy of the Rules of the Road display that Ron Griffith used at several recent meetings and at the Meet Me at the Market – Bike Lanes presentation.    The presentation was from a Colorado State University publication but is equally applicable to the bike lanes in the Cedar Rapids Metro Area.  The PDF document is located at:

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Meet Me at the Market at NewBo City Market will have a group walk to the new amphitheater lead by Mayor Ron Corbet this Thursday leaving at 5:45.  The amphitheater grounds include a segment of the Ellis Trail that will eventually follow the River on the west side quadrants from Edgewood Road to Sokol Park.  The significant increase in trail development funding that will become available over the next five years has been made possible by Mayor Corbet’s strong support.  Please come, talk to Mayor Corbet and thank him for his strong support for trails in the entire Metro Area.
(In case of rain, Mayor Corbett will move indoors and discuss recent healthy initiatives in Cedar Rapids.)

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Meet Me at the Market in cooperation with Cedar Rapids Bicycle Advisory Committee will feature an Introduction to Cedar Rapids Bike Lanes bike ride and explanation of the new Cedar Rapids Bike lanes.  The 2.5 mile ride begins at the NewBo City Market – Meet Me at the Market check-in table, leaving at 5:45pm, 6:00pm and 6:15pm.  The rides and presentations will address the responsibilities of motorists and cyclists on the city streets, the meanings of various bicycle signs and painted symbols, and types of bicycle facilities that will be appearing on the Cedar Rapids streets.  Helmets are required.

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Bike Ride to the Blue Zones Kick-Off Meeting

Most of you have heard that Cedar Rapids has been named a Blue Zones community, and we all know that cycling is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. On Monday, Sept 9, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your support of bicycling’s role in a healthy community by participating in a group that will go to the Blue Zones Kickoff event by bicycle. Nikki Northrop Davidson, from the Bicycle Advisory Committee and Bike2WorkConsultants will be leading the ride.  Destination: Prairie High School, College Community Concert Hall, 76th Ave SW.

To participate, meet at Green Square Park in downtown Cedar Rapids at 5 pm on Monday, Sept 9th. You must wear a helmet and you should have lights on your bike (it is likely to be dark by the time the event is over). This will be about a 9 mile ride each way, most on the trail but some on streets. I anticipate arriving shortly before 6 pm at the event.  No registration is required for the ride.

You should also register (RSVP) if you haven’t already for the Blue Zones event at:
Looking forward to leading a group of cyclists who demonstrate they are living healthy by cycling to this event!

nikki d.

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