The executive board officers of Linn County Trails Association for 2023 are:

  • President – Thomas Peffer
  • Vice President – Nadine Brock
  • Secretary – Kyle Lundberg
  • Treasurer – Dave Dechant
  • Past-President  – Phillip Platz

Board Members:

Greg Barnett
Richard Bradford
Tim Costas
Peter Diltz
Curt Eilers
Vicky Evans
Jim Fraise
Leland Freie
Diane Handler
Steve Hershner
Greg Januska
Kevin Kirchner
Corenne Liabo
Emily McGrath
Robert McKillip
Craig Miller
Brad Mullin
Richard Mundy
Kimberly Poston
Gary Roling
Larry Scott
John Wauer

Committees include Membership, Communications, Trail Counters, Development, and Network Growth.

We also rely on the support of many volunteers for trail reports, events, photography, design, communications, trail usage counts, and map box maintenance and filling. Please reach out if you want to help!


Other contacts


Trail counter reporting