The officers of Linn County Trails Association are:

  • President -Phillip Platz
  • Vice President – Steve Hershner
  • Secretary – Brad Mullin
  • Treasurer – Dave Dechant
  • Past-President  – Kevin Kirchner

The work of LCTA is subdivided into seven standing committees. Working together, the committees balance the energy and resources allocated to each area of focus identified in our plan.

Trail Advocacy
Chair: Steve Hershner

  • Advocate trails for development and/or strengthen partners’ objectives
  • Identify and conduct independent (LCTA) trail development initiatives
  • Identify and prioritize trails

Trails Operations & Safety
Chair: Dick Mundy

  • Identify problems with area trails
  • Identify safety issues in regards to area trails
  • Propose resolutions to trail issues and problems
  • Act as a liaison with the general public and partners
  • Update audiences about current trail(s) status

Trail Funding
Chairs:  Larry Scott

  • Conduct fundraising to pay for LCTA operations
  • Conduct capital campaign fundraising
  • Research possible funding possibilities

Chair: Paul Fiegen

  • Assist CMPO with design and funding of the Metro Area Trails Guide
  • Keep an inventory of maps
  • Distribute maps to general public and partners.
  • Maintain and stock map boxes

Trail Counter
Chair: John Wauer

  • Construct, place and maintain trail counters
  • Read, record and share trail counter information.

Outreach & Public Awareness
Chairs: Paul Fiegen & Phillip Platz

  • Maintain LCTA social media presence
  • Maintain and develop IT infrastructure
  • Promotion of trails and LCTA to the general public and partners such as:
    • Bike corrals at Cedar Rapids Farmers Market
    • Attend health and wellness fairs
    • Organize and conduct trail-clean up activities
    • Contact local media outlets with media releases
  • Design, update and maintain LCTA website
  • Design, update and maintain LCTA electronic mail lists
  • Prepare PowerPoint and speakers for presentations
  • Newsletter

Chairs: Diane Handler

  • Receive contributions from members
  • Maintain membership records and mailing addresses
  • Send donation acknowledgements/ thank you letters
  • Recruit new membership

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