Linn County Trails Association is happy to report that the Capital Campaign to raise $100,000 to support Linn County Conservation Board in paving 3.5 additional miles of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail through Center Point has been a success. We have raised $102,033 and a check for that amount has been presented to Linn County Conservation Board at the LCTA December 14, 2015 Board of Directors meeting. We want to thank all who have contributed to this important project!

The fundraiser was kicked off with a $30,000 grant from The Hall-Perrine Foundation. Particularly notable in our list of contributors is Hawkeye Bicycle Association (HBA) which pledged $8,000 plus matching another $10,000 from their members. The members contributed $15,033 bringing the total HBA contribution to $33,033. HBA has also pledged an additional $2000 to Linn County Conservation Board for two benches along the trail. Approximately 106 individuals, business, and foundations and organizations have contributed to the campaign. There is very strong support for this project in the community!

CVNT-paving-mapLinn County Conservation Board (LCC) plans to reconstruct and hard surface approximately 3.5 miles of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail (CVNT) from Schultz Road past Central City Road (E16) and on to Apple Creek Bridge in Center Point. Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) has been asked to provide a public match of $100,000 to the total project cost of $1,209,000. This is Phase 4 of a goal to pave the entire CVNT. LCCB has committed to paving through Center Point in 2016.  Phase 1 in 2004 paved to County Home Road and Phases 2 and 3 in 2012 paved to Schultz Road as shown on the map.

After the 2012 paving project, there was a significant increased usage over the newly paved trail segments as shown in the attached graph:

  • The traffic past County Home Rd. doubled.
  • The traffic through Lafayette increased by 150%.

CVNT-usage2015The usage data was collected with the LCTA trail counter project.

Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) is requesting your support to assist us in achieving our $100,000 goal to continue enhancing a valuable asset. 100% of funds collected for Pave-the-Tail will be applied to the $100,000 LCTA contribution. Thank you for your continued support of trails.