This is a Google map of the proposed MPO trails organized by corridors.  It includes all the proposed trails on the TTAC map and no additional trails.  It includes all of the Primary Connectivity Network Trails from the CR Comprehensive Trails Plan plus other trails from the Connections 2040 list.  Short trail segments have been combined into corridors that have clearly defined destinations and connections to reduce the number of trail segments that need to be prioritized.  The map identifies 32 proposed corridors, trails, and/or bikeways.

The green paths are existing trails.  The colored paths are the proposed corridors, etc.  Funded but not built trails are shown as dark green lines.  Clicking on a path brings up a balloon naming the path with a short description and path length.  Path colors are chosen so that intersecting corridors do not have the same color however the 4 colors are repeated many times.  A few corridors do have short common segments.  Many corridors are a mix of existing trails and proposed trails.  The green existing trail path is superimposed on the corridor path.

Click on “View Larger Map” below to view on a Google page with a left panel listing all corridors and trails.  Clicking on an item in the list brings up a balloon on the map identifying the path on the map.  Un-clicking a check box on the left panel removes the corresponding corridor from the map.  By toggling the check box, you can see the full extent of the corridor.

View Larger Map