Lindale Trail is now open

The Cedar Rapids segment of the Lindale Trail is now paved.  The Trail is open!  This trail is unique in the Metro area in that it includes 3 ft gravel paths on either side of the 10 ft asphalt pavement.  We hope this accommodates both runners and bikers.  Bike traffic significantly increases when a trail is paved but runners strongly prefer a gravel path.  We would like to know if this should be a design standard for future trail construction when sufficient width allows.

Lindale Trail

Linn County Trails Association (LCTA) initiated the Lindale Trail project 3 years ago when Tom Treharne, Marion Planning & Development Director, suggested that we adopt the project to continue the trail in Marion that extended to the Marion City Limit on an abandoned railroad right-of-way.  LCTA has contributed over $55,000 to the development, including a $15,000 contribution from Rockwell Collins.  The City of Cedar Rapids has contributed the crushed limestone, the crews and equipment to grade and pave the trail and $16,000 towards the cost of asphalt.  THIS WAS A TEAM EFFORT AND WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF ALL PARTIES HAD NOT CONTRIBUTED!

Projects like this are funded by the LCTA supporters that make annual contributions to LCTA for trail development in the Linn County Area.  Please add your support.  TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE TRAILS HAPPEN!

Lindale Trail is located north of Blairs Ferry Rd extending east from C Ave NE (in front of Walgreens).