Blue Zones – CR!

Cedar Rapids is applying for selection of a Blue Zone Community. Blue Zones are places in the world where people statistically live happier, healthier and longer lives. Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Healthways have teamed up with Buettner to sponsor the Blue Zones Project in which 10 communities in Iowa will be chosen to become Blue Zones. If we are selected, we will have an opportunity to impact health and wellness to provide a healthier environment – which could include more trails (and the dollars needed to develop these).
Cedar Rapids is one of 58 Iowa communities in the running. A crucial component to being selected as a Blue Zone Community is demonstrating community support in the form of online pledges. With just 1.73% of Cedar Rapids currently pledged, we’re ranked 53rd out of 58 communities applying to the Blue Zone Project. Yikes! Please go online and register your support before January 30. It is very simple and all you need to do is click on the link below and pledge your support today: