Corridor MPO funding & STP funds

Last November, LCTA asked trail supporters to contact members of the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to advocate for the use of STP funds for trail development.  As a reminder, a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an entity composed of local elected officials, state agency representatives, and residents that is tasked with reviewing and approving transportation investments in a metropolitan area.

The Corridor MPO recently voted to use 80% of STP funds for trail development.  The STP budget is approximately $3 million dollars.  This is a big accomplishment for trail development in our region and now LCTA asks that trail supporters say thank you to the MPO for funding and supporting trail development.  The best way to communicate with the MPO is through their website: An example thank you is available below. If you contacted an MPO member previously, please feel free to follow up with thapersonal directly.

Dear Corridor MPO Member,

My name is (insert name) and I am a resident of (insert city of residence, work, leisure, etc).  (Explain how or why you use the trails and why the decision to fund trails is a benefit to you).

There are key reasons to why this decision is so important for area residents:

1) Tax Effective Products – The report “Active Transportation: Cost-Effective Mobility Improvements—for Everyone” by Rails to Trails Conservancy explains that walking and bicycling transportation projects make the most of every tax dollar spent. “With fewer federal dollars available, these projects can be completed at a low cost, are highly popular and significantly improve mobility (”

2) Healthiest State Initiative –  “Rather than asking people to increase their will power, the Blue Zones Community model works to improve environments. Little changes to your home, work, school, social, physical, and policy environments can make healthy choices the easy choices so that well-being improves naturally (” Connected trails make the healthy decision the easy decision.

3) Quality of Life – Trails have a high impact on quality of life for a region.  Safe, connected trails offer opportunities for commuting and recreation.  Funding trail development at this level will have a positive impact on the quality of life for residents in the region.

Thank you for your support!