LCTA 2020 Member Survey – Results

Dear Linn County Trail Users,

Linn County Trails Association 2020 Survey results are in from more than 400 respondents – thank you for the great response and continued support!

Survey results can be downloaded as a PDF document here. LCTA Board members are currently reviewing the results and formulating plans that reflect and integrate the information provided. Initial reflection indicates the following:

  • Survey respondents include all types of trail users from all over Linn County.
  • It was exciting to see that the Survey reflected the increased trail use that we all suspected. The trails have provided a welcome relief from today’s challenges.
  • Suggestions for trails and extensions will be shared with the City of Cedar Rapids and Linn County as well as the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization for planning purposes.
  • Trail maintenance issues will also be passed on to the County or City responsible for upkeep.
  • Plans are in the initial stages for a makeover of the LCTA website. Survey responses will help guide that makeover reflecting trail users’ preferences for content and format.
  • The best use of LCTA’s Facebook page for communications with trail members is being evaluated. Survey responses will guide that evaluation reflecting users’ preferences for content.
  • LCTA’s communication plan is being updated. Survey responses will guide the update reflecting trail users’ preferences for mail, email, website, and / or Facebook communications from LCTA.
  • A key element in LCTA’s plans for moving forward will be to strategize how best to engage the many Survey respondents who expressed a willingness to get involved.
LCTA especially appreciates Survey responses with funding ideas. As you can imagine, funding from all sources is very important. As a reminder, you can donate to trails development securely through our website.

Thanks again for your response and for all your support for Linn County Trails!!

Happy Trails,

Kevin Kirchner
Linn County Trails Association, President