All 12 trail counters have been reinstalled on the Metro Trail System after a long cold winter. Linn County Trails Association maintains the counters and collects data to measure usage of the trails. We us this data to encourage the cities and the County to maintain the trails and to build more trails!

The trail counters are the blue or brown posts on either side of the trail and a 6 digit number is displayed at the top of one of the posts. Please read the count and send it to LCTA from your smart phone. Just go to the LCTA web page:

The location name of the counter is on the post sign.  Enter the 6 digit number displayed at the top of the post. Date and time that you send in the report are reported automatically so do not enter date and time unless you have written down the count and are reporting it later. Wave you had over the beam to assure the count increments and report “counter is not working” if it doesn’t so we will know to replace the batteries.

You can download a free QR Reader from Google Play or Apple that will automatically go to the trailcount website and enter the counter location. All you need to do is enter the 6 digit number. Another option is to just save the URL “” on your phone home page.

It’s time to get out and walk, run, skate, or bike! Whenever you pass a trail counter, please stop and report the count.  In doing so you will be helping get more and better trails!

Click here for a map of the trail counter locations