City Sweep & Trail Clean Up

The Linn County Trails Association is partnering with the City of Cedar Rapids on a City Sweep, this weekend, Saturday, October 23rd.  The City of Cedar Rapids will focus on beautifying the following neighborhoods:

Mound View
Meeting Location: Imago Christi Church (1700 B Ave NE)
Contact: Emily Meyer (431-3080)

Meeting Location: A&W on Ellis (1136  Ellis Blvd NW)
Contact: Robert Zeck (294-4872)

Wellington Heights
Meeting Location: Wellington House (392 15th St SE)
Contact: Terry Bilsland (366-3427)

Taylor Area
Meeting Location: Taylor School front parking lot (720 7th Ave SW)
Contact Amy Buelow (241-9055)

The City of Cedar Rapids will be supporting LCTA on the Trail clean up day on November 6th by providing trash bags. 

*Wearing work gloves and boots is recommended!!!