Volunteers Needed Saturday!

Interested in volunteering with LCTA?  We could use 10 volunteers to help with the Fairview Farm Trail Run & Walk on November 4 at Beverly Park.  For more infomation about the event, visit the event website: http://www.cvra.net/races/fairview-trail-run. The following volunteers are needed:

2 people at the registration area; time: 10:30am until noon
2 people at the finish line; time: 11:45am until 1:15pm
6 course monitors*; time: 11:30pm until 1:30pm;

*Course monitors need to have the ability to walk on trails for up to 1 mile, and return.  Course monitors ensure runners stay on the routes and are along the trails for safety.  They can also take photos if they like.

LAMBA folks will mark the course and also be on the trails during the event.

If you can help with this event, please contact Kari Lammer, kariannlammer@gmail.com.